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on the tip of a knife

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Effect: A spectator shuffles the deck of cards, cuts several times and freely selects a card from the deck. He may sign his chosen card or mark it with the date or time. He puts the card back into the deck, shuffles and cuts again. All the time the magician has seen nothing. The deck is now back in the box. After the audience has checked once again that the entire deck is actually in the box, the magician seals the box with rubber bands before putting it in an empty paper bag.

Now the unbelievable happens.
The magician takes a pocket knife, pierces the bag and cuts towards the top of the bag, where lo and behold - the selected marked card has penetrated the sealed box and is attached to the tip of the knife!

Everything you need for this amazing trick Contained in the package. The access code for a video explanation is in the card box.

You've already purchased this card trick? Then add below the video access code that you have received with the delivery on a separate card, click on "OK" and the explanatory video will be displayed to you immediately:



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