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Be a top-notch card magician

With these playing cards you can perform a myriad of incredible card tricks

In this deck there are delivered refined gimmicks and special accessoires. These allows you to show off breasthtaking, incredible routines. These are not doable with conventional Svengali Cards.

Without rnanual dexterity.

Create these amazing effects:

A magician shows an ordinary deck of cards. He then asks a volunteer to choose a card and remember it. Return the card and shuffle the deck. The chosen card will rise to the top of the deck.
Finally, all the cards become the same as the chosen card.
However, with another riffling of the deck, all cards change back to normal. Or another stunning possibility: A spectator selects a card and returns it to the deck. The deck is sealed and placed in a paper bag. With a knife the magician then pierces the bag and unbelievably hooks the selected card on the tip of the blade.

Everything you need for this amazing trick Contained in the package. The access code for a video explanation is in the card box.


You've already purchased this card trick? Then add below the video access code that you have received with the delivery on a separate card, click on "OK" and the explanatory video will be displayed to you immediately:



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