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An incredible, quadruple prediction

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A member of the audience is given a sealed envelope with the inscription:
geheim -  secret
Two other audience members shuffle the cards repeatedly in a chaotic, topsy-turvy way, so that some cards are face u p and some cards are face down.
A wide spread of the cards on the table makes this visible to everyone.
Now, the person who is holding the sealed envelope is asked to open it. Inside is a letter with four predictions.

  1. Firstly, it predicts the exact number of cards that are lying face down.
  2. Then it gives the correct number of black cards.
  3. Then it states how many odd numbered red cards there are.
  4. Finally, the fourth prediction reveals a real surprise finish which cannot be disclosed here!

The Video explanation can be found on our website. The access code is in the card box.


You've already purchased this card trick? Then add below the video access code that you have received with the delivery on a separate card, click on "OK" and the explanatory video will be displayed to you immediately:

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